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How to get a Dofollow Backlink?

How to get a Dofollow Backlink?, Hello readers have come up with a very important and useful article for you once again and in this post, I will tell you how to make 100% Google Penalty Safe dofollow backlinks for your blog.

If you want to increase the ranking of your blog, then you have to write high-quality content and this is most important. Many people think that by making backlinks only they can improve the ranking of their blog but this is wrong.

To increase the ranking of blogs, publishing quality content is very important and backlinks come later. It is also true that your Google ranking improves with dofollow backlinks and if your blog has very high-quality dofollow backlinks, then your Google ranking will be 100% improvised.

What is a Dofollow Backlink?

Dofollow backlinks are links that will help your blog’s ranking in Google search results. Nofollow backlinks do not give a positive impact on your blog’s ranking, while your blog’s ranking improves with Dofollow backlinks. And please remember you need to mix both Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks otherwise Google will consider you’re the site as spam, so keep ration at least 70:30.

Google treats Dofollow backlinks as a vote against your blog like if other major blogs link to your blog, and if the link is Dofollow then Google likes such links and this is very useful for the SEO of your blog. Proves to be beneficial.

How to create a Dofollow Backlink?

Like you have come to know what Dofollow backlinks are, let’s see now what is the safe way to make Dofollow backlinks and how you can increase your blog’s ranking (which helps to increase your domain authority and page authority) without creating bad backlinks without Google Penalty.

Backlink Profile:

Before you make thousands of Dofollow backlinks for your blog, let me tell you a very important thing. Google monitors your blog’s backlink profile.

You must make your backlink profile natural. But many new bloggers do not know this thing and in the end, they get Google penguin penalties so that the traffic and ranking of their blogs are completely down and then you sit down and hold your head.

That’s why you will say that you should not run behind the Dofollow backlinks. You should also create Nofollow backlinks for your blog so that your backlink profile looks natural.

Google has clearly said that if you get backlinks for your blog unnaturally, then this is not correct and this has a bad effect on both traffic and SEO of your blog, and you may have Google Penalty.

But there are some ways that you can make exactly 100% safe backlinks for your blog by following.

Guest Posting:

The guest posting is a very cool and safe way to make Dofollow backlinks. You should guest post on your blog topic from related blogs. This gives you a double benefit.

The first advantage is that you get referral traffic and your blog is promoted. Second, you also get Dofollow backlinks and this will increase the SEO value of your blog.

But keep an eye on one thing that you have to do guest posting on blogs that are related to your topic. It is not your tech blog and you do guest posting on fitness or weight loss blog.

First of all, you will not get any benefit, your ranking will not be improvised, and Google penalties may also be found for unnatural backlinks. But if it looks in any way unnatural then you will not have any advantage. Just look at yourself, if you have a technology blog, then you have a relation with a fitness blog or a weight loss blog.

It clearly shows that Google has posted that guest only to grow your blog’s ranking and not to add value to any value. So, you have to be very careful about this thing.

Blog Directories:

There are many people who use blog directories to create Dofollow backlinks and there is no harm in it. You will find such high-quality directories on the internet so that if you get backlink then it is best for your SEO.

But one mistake that I have also done in the introduction of personal and only to everyone, that in the greed of backlinks, they never make backlinks for your blog on low-quality directories.

Since its side effect I have seen myself and tell the truth then at the beginning your blog will get a good SEO boost, but there is no guarantee of how long this boost will last.

Guys have become very smart and they are constantly trying to improve their Google search results day by day. If ever their algorithm has caught it, then the traffic and ranking of your blog will both be down.

I am saying this because of this so much confidence that this has happened to me with myself and now there are never backlinks in low-quality directories. But if there is a very high-quality directory then you can build backlinks from it at all.

Profile Backlinks:

Profile backlinks are also great and this also gives you dofollow backlinks. profile backlinks you get from web 2.0 properties. You only need to search the profile backlinks list in Google, and then there you will find lots of sites where you can create profile backlinks for your blog.

But do not want to lure you here too and do not have to make profile backlinks on low-quality sites or else you can get a penalty. I am about to post a lot of posts on my blog so that you can create backlinks for your blog in different ways.

Blog comments:

These books are a great way and many blogs are such that Dofollow comment backlinks but most people only offer Nofollow backlinks. Once again, even though the link is Nofollow, you should not run away from it.

Along with your Dofollow, Nofollow links should also be made, as this shows your backlink profile natural and does not give you a Google algorithm penalty.

Conclusion on How to get a Dofollow Backlink?

This was how to make Dofollow backlinks for your blog, if you find this post helpful, then share the post with other new bloggers so that more people can get help. If there are any questions in your mind then you can ask me in the comment.

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