How To Get Free WordPress Hosting

How To Get Free WordPress Hosting?

How To Get Free WordPress Hosting? , Do you find free web hosting for your WordPress blog then you are on the right post as today I will tell you how to get web hosting in free for your WordPress blog.

I know there are many bloggers who do not have so much money that they can buy paid web hosting for their blog or website and understand their misery and there are many bloggers who think that they If you get free web hosting, their work will be banned.

If you are searching this too, then you have come with a tremendous site with help of which you can order free web hosting without paying any money for your WordPress blog.

So let’s start the blog post today and see how you can get free WordPress Hosting?

Today, the names of the websites that we are sharing with you will provide web hosting is free of charge and it is a matter of happiness that you will not have to pay any kind of payment and do not pay even a penny.

If you believe that these services will be useless, then I will not tell you that when I started blogging a long time ago, at the same time I have been searching for free WordPress hosting and I have used many free web hosting services.

And Guess Guys who will tell you in the first website, they are really awesome and you will get the experience of paying all the web hosting and you will never feel that I am using free web hosting.

But if you have money that you can put in paid web hosting services then you would highly recommend that you buy paid web hosting for your blog.

Because you will have to know how long this free service will be free, nobody knows, and yes, but I would say that all these websites are very great if you want to get free web hosting. But if you can do Afford then I would say that you can buy a paid hosting because if not today or tomorrow you will have to go to paid WordPress hosting

Many people will think that if I want to start a blog in free, then can I start at or Hey guys, but not as you know that has too many limitations and even with

And someone will say that if I want to create a WordPress blog in free, then can I create it on Yes, you can create but if you start a blog on then you will not be able to advertise ads on Google Adsense and this is a very big limitation and I know you want to earn money from your blog right?.

For this reason, I am sharing this post with you today because you will not have to face any limitation by using these services and you can put ads of Google Adsense or any other company on your blog or website.

So let’s not waste too much time, we start today’s post and hoped that you would love this post.

1. 000webhost

I have used this Personally when I was a beginner in blogging and I used to have used it almost 2 years ago but I would say that using this website’s service will help me I did not even think that I was using free web hosting.

Neither these people show any ads on your WordPress blog and you get a C panel here and with this, you also get 1 click WordPress installation service which I think is very full for new beginner bloggers.

Since the use of FTP software might be the beginner bloggers find it hard to install and manually install the WordPress cms in web hosting

So, in this case, I understand that if you are searching free web hosting then this website is the best and you can use the free web hosting of this website as long as you want and earn money from Google Adsense.

2. is a free and easy hosting company that has a “One Click WordPress Installation” solution. If you want to know how to install a WordPress plugin, please visit the here.


    • 1000MB Webspace
    • 5000MB data transfer
    • 1-Click WordPress Install
    • Free domain name ( )

3. FreeHostingNoAds

Freehostingnoads is also one of the oldest hosting providers, you will get all latest features freely for your blog.


    • 20Gb Space
    • 200Gb Traffic
    • Free Site Builder
    • Host your own domain
    • No forced ads
    • A free domain like (

4. AwardSpace

Awardspace is a free shared hosting company that gives you full powered free hosting and also gets good service.


    • 1GB Disk Space
    • 5GB traffic
    • 1 Domain Hosting
    • 3 Subdomains
    • Joomla and WordPress installer
    • 100% No Ads

5. Other Free Hosting Lists:

  1. Dreamnix
  2. Free hosting
  3. Byet Host
  4. Free Hostia
  5. X10 Hosting
  6. Free Web Hosting Area
  7. 50 Webs
  8. Web Free Hosting
  9. Ultimate Free Host
  10. Pro Free Host

I will say here once again that if you have money, then you will have a lot of benefits if you buy paid web hosting. And here’s the great post on free hosting. As I have said before you that you do not know how long the free service will be free. It is up to you to do this here that you have to install WordPress in the above website and have to start blogging but you should reduce one daily to take a backup of your blog so that tomorrow’s service will be stopped if you do not have any difference And your hard work will not be wasted as you will have to back up all your blogs Now you have to use their free web hosting service, you can use it freely.

Conclusion on How To Get Free WordPress Hosting?

So were some of the best free web hosting providers and I would say that you can use them and see if you liked this post, then share this post with other needy new bloggers who do not have to money to purchase paid hosting.

To share, you must share this post on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media platforms, so that we can help more and more new bloggers and start them as a career in blogging.

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