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How To Promote Blog Post? – The Best Ways

How to promote a blog post – How are you Hello guys in today’s post, I will tell you how to promote your new blog post.

Every blogger has the same dream that more traffic comes to his blog and he becomes a different identity in the world of the internet. Friends, if you want to get access to blogging, then you have to fit one thing well to your mind that it is not enough to just publish new posts on the blog.

You also have to promote your new blog post,  If you become a pro blogger then there is something else about it but in the beginning, when traffic is not coming to your blog, then after publishing your new blog post at that time, it is also very easy to promote Much more complicated.

In this post, I am writing that whenever I want to create a new blog, I would like to promote my new blog and published a post for a few months of start-up and it will help me to get traffic in the beginning days.

But there are a lot of new bloggers who do not know about this, they only publish new posts on their blogs, but it is very important for you to promote the blog, friends and share some very good ways in this post.

How To Promote Blog Post?

1. Blog commenting

This is a very good way in which I personally use and with this, I get good traffic on my new blog during the start of the day.

To commenting on the blog, you only comment on blogs with related topics from your blog and yes, do not forget to enter your blog’s URL i.e. because it is very important and this will bring traffic to your blog.

You can publish good value comments on others’ blogs and if your comment is appealing to people, they will definitely check your blog.

This is why I am saying this because whenever any reader makes a good comment on my blog, I check his blog once and if his blog likes me, then regularly visit him on his blog.

Blogging is a great way to blog, and you can take 10 to 15 minutes daily and post a Genuine and Valuable comment on another’s blog post, this will be a great promotion for your blog.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is also a very good way to promote your blog. And for that, you only have to guest post on your blog niche related blogs. This gives you a lot of benefits.

First, this is a great way to promote the blog and you get the backlink. Some people give no follow backlinks and some people give a dofollow backlink.

If your guest post is of high quality and is valued which will help the readers of their blog, then those people will definitely come to your blog and subscribe. This will also increase the traffic of your blog.

But friends never blog your guest blogging at all the blogs that have unrelated topics, and you may not get any benefit and you may also get a penalty.

I am saying this because I have seen many bloggers who only post to any blog to get backlinks so that they do not have any benefit. You do not do this at all, and you only get 100% benefit from guest blog posting on blogs related to your blog topic.

3. Social Media Sites

Every day people use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day, you should use these social media sites to promote your blog post. Create a fan page for your blog on Facebook and share your new blog post regularly.

In the same way, you can also create your account on Twitter and Instagram, and also promote your new blog post on it, it will increase your traffic.

You should try to increase your fan-celling on these social media sites; the more cities you have, the more traffic you get, the more your blog will become a brand.

This is a great way to brand blogs because Google nowadays gives a lot of value to the brand, so you should use social media sites regularly.

4. Social Bookmarking

This is a great way to share the link to your new blog post at high quality social bookmarking sites. There are some sites that are very popular like Digg, Redditt, Folked, and Diigo.
All these sites are high quality social bookmarking sites that you must promote your new blog post, which will greatly benefit you.
On these sites, you can create your account for free and then promote your blog, but here you have to be a little careful. You should also share your post with another post. It will look natural or else these sites will be available. Moderator can also close your account, which happens if you are using their platform only for your own benefit.

5. YouTube Channel

In India, most people nowadays have time to timeout on youtube. Youtube is a very popular video sharing site that has become the world’s number 1 site. Thanks to JIO network.

If you want to promote your blog for free, you should make your channel on youtube, this will benefit you 100% and you will get very much traffic. This is also a great way to brand your blog.

You can create the channel on Youtube is free and you must have only one Gmail id which is available to everyone at today’s time. You have to create related videos from your topic and share it on youtube and leave your blog’s URL in the video description.

Friends, this is the best way to increase the subscribers of your blog and boost traffic.

Conclusion on How To Promote Blog Post?

If you follow all the methods mentioned above, then you will get a very good result. If there is any confuse in your mind then you can ask me your questions through comment and I will do my best.

If the post is helpful, Friends should share this article on Facebook and Twitter so that more and more new bloggers can get help. Thank you

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