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OPPO F11 Pro – Review and Overview – Rs 24,990

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has worked hard to bring the best innovation in its smartphone. The company has always tried to improve the technology. Due to which the company has launched many great smartphones in the market. This time too the company has launched another smartphone. Which is shocking to all. We are talking about OPPO F11 Pro smartphone. This smartphone comes with much better technology and features.

The company has launched its OPPO F11 Pro smartphone at a price of Rs 24,990. OPPO F11 Pro Smartphone’s camera, display, design, processing and software performance make this smartphone fabulous. The company has presented not only one but a complete package of features and features in its smartphone. Which you only get to see in flagship smartphones. Let’s know OPPO F11 Pro smartphones a little deeper.

OPPO F11 Pro Review and Overview

The 48MP + 5MP dual-lens camera OPPO F11 Pro smartphone for unmatched performance has introduced a class-leading dual-lens rear camera setup. It comes with 48MP Primary Sensor Aided by 5MP Depth Sensor. At the same time, 48 MP sensor AI comes with the ultra-clear engine, which also helps in clicking unmatched photos in challenging light conditions. In order to improve the light-sensing capacity of the sensor to take a great portrait in low light, 48 MP Image Sensors and 4 pixels have been added together.

The camera introduces the interpolation software algorithm on 12 images. With this, MediaTek Helio P70 also plays a key role in maximizing final image output. Chipset AI engine and ultra-clear engine wisely recognize the Seine and set camera settings for best image output.

OPPO F11 Pro Ultra-night mode

Ultra-night mode OPPO F11 Pro also features ultra-night mode in the smartphone. The AI ultra-clear engine of camera hardware helps identify the scene. At the same time, it helps in clicking on the best image in less lite.

OPPO F11 Pro bloggingtime
16MP Rising Selfie Camera with AI has taken the new F11 Pro smartphone selfie camera performance to a different level. The F11 Pro smartphone claims to have a newly designed Rising camera. Which has been introduced in the middle of the phone’s Top Age, This selfie camera prevents the recalled image, so your selfie seems quite natural.

As far as the image quality is concerned, rest assured because if you click on the pictures from this smartphone, you can share these pictures without thinking on the social networking profile. Not only this, but an Intelligent Beautification Mode is also introduced in the smartphone with face-slimming functions.

OPPO F11 Pro Equipped with MediaTek P70 AI Chipset

Equipped with MediaTek P70 AI Chipset, the OPPO F11 Pro smartphone has been introduced with a Powerful MediaTek P 70 Octa-core chipset. Compared to the older P60, the new SoC comes with the best AI engine, best imaging and camera support, better connectivity, and plenty of gaming performance. At the same time, MediaTek P70 consumes less electricity. Let’s say, the performance of the GPU of F11 Pro has increased by 13% and CPU performance by 5%. Full HD + lag-free experience can be found while running more than 20 applications at one time.
OPPO F11 Pro bloggingtime


OPPO F11 Pro makes the best of groundbreaking technology hyper-boost smartphones. Let’s say, the in-house developed by Oppo, Hyper boost is a performance boost engine. Which enhances the overall system, application and gaming performance Beginning with ‘System Boost’, this technology manages the temperature rise, network coverage, battery life and app response time. You will experience quick performance on F11 Pro. In which We Chat, the social networking app includes basic scoring, map usage, a web search on the timeline. Hyper-boost provides a considerable improvement in gaming performance.

6.5-inch panoramic display for fullscreen

The smartphone has a large 6.5-inch panoramic screen. Due to the Rising Camera design, the OPPO F11 Pro has been fully grounded for a full-in-class display experience with a full-screen full-screen display. Experience of a fullscreen display can be done for video and games.

VooC 3.0 technology, 4,000mAh battery with ColorOS 6.0

Smartphone has a strong battery of 4,000 mAH. Because of which the battery can last up to two days after charging. The AI algorithm of the phone manages the battery consumption. With this, the VOOC 3.0 Fast-Charge Technology has been given in the OPPO F11 Pro smartphone. Which offers the best-in-class charging speed. Let’s say, on OPPO F11 Pro Android Pie 9.0 the base runs on the new ColorOS 6.0. ColorOS 6.0 comes with an app drawer designed for new users, notification panel, smart assistant, slider bar.


OPPO F11 Pro is fully packed with smartphone innovation and class-leading features. In such a case it is difficult to believe that the price of the smartphone is under 25K price-point. Smartphone provides a great experience to users with camera, display, battery, processing power. Users can experience the latest innovation. Which still seemed impossible with this price in the smartphone industry. Explain, and will be available through the Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Paytm Mall, Snapdeal.com and OPPO stores from March 15 with a price of 24,990 only. With the help of this smartphone, Oppo will once again emerge as a strong and better company.

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