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PNR Full Form And How to check PNR?

PNR Full Form, Let us know what is the full form of pnr and information related to PNR. In addition to this, also know how you can find it on your ticket and check its status. It refers to the records of a person or group of travelers who travel on trains or flights. This is the travel data of the passengers stored in the database of CRS or Computerized Reservation System. This PNR was first introduced for an airline visit, as many times, the passenger had to take interlinked flights of different airlines. Thus, in order to maintain the link to your journey, the arrangement of Passenger Name Record was introduced so that a defined source of data could be related to that particular traveler.

PNR: Passenger Name Record / Name of Passengers

When a person makes a ticket booking for his travel, he is either entered into the database in the computerized reservation system of the airline or railway. This is because it is necessary for the safety and safety of the passengers, with so many dangers of terrorism and criminals. It has made some elements necessary while booking.

Passenger Name Record keeps track of the traveler’s age, gender, date of birth, the start point of travel, destination, and date of travel. This detailed data helps to identify the person for air travel and train travel. While booking the ticket, it is mandatory that the passenger should present some identification proof to verify the details given during the booking. Along with this, if you have booked through your urgent then you can read tatkal rules in detail here.

Where to find PNR number on a ticket?

The PNR number is usually printed on the top left corner of the printed ticket. E-Ticket online booking or ticket booking case through IRCTC website, it is mentioned in the top cell. For Sample you can see the following PNR number below:


How to check PNR / how to check

There are several ways through which PNR status can be checked. The most popular ways are listed below:

  • PNR status can be checked through the online website.
  • It can also be checked through SMS.
  • Mobile applications are also an option to check PNR status.
  • It can also be checked by the Railway Check Counter at the railway station.
  • The final reservation chart can also be known about PNR status.

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