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Types of blogs that make money in India, Hello friends This post is very helpful today, people who are about to start blogging and confuse which Blog Niche is to be selected, given this, we will give you the Types of blogs that make money in India, which if you choose and work smart on it then you will be able to get very successful.

Do you know that you will find Successful in Blogging only when you target a good Blog Niche Whenever you think of starting a new blog, it is very important to have the right Blog Idea if you do not choose a right Blog Niche, then success in Blogging can be a bit difficult for you? Before that, we have a little blogging Look at some key points.

The main reason for failing in blogging

Do you know why 7 out of 10 bloggers cannot be successful in blogging, and the reason behind this is the main reason behind not choosing the Right Blog Niche? Most bloggers fail this because they just do not know which topics they can provide for very good and longtime content.

Niche is a topic that you write to Blog. The new bloggers are earning that monthly money to any other famous bloggers, why we do not even have to earn blogging at the same Niche every month. Friends, First of all, see which topic is best for you. What kind of things can you give your best? Now let’s do keyword research so that you will get a complete profile about that topic, then you may want to start blogging on it.

Types of blogs that make money in India

If you have access to blogging, then you only have to choose the same Niche on which people search more on the Internet and that too much is on the Demand.

To know this, you can use Google Keyword Planner to let you know how much people are searching on any of the tops and how much is their competitiveness. Always work on Low Competition Keyword do.

If you choose a keyword with High Competition, you will never be able to rank, because you know that as many big bloggers are already ranking your blog on the keyword High Competition Keyword, remember this in your mind. You only have to choose the Blog Niche which has the Competition Low and the Search Volume is over.

The best way to do this is to choose the right Blog Niche or Blog Ideas to start blogging.
So let us now know who they are, such as Top 10 Niches For Blogging in India, if you work in 2019 and work hard enough, then success will definitely be there.

Here I have told you ten such Blog Niche on which if you start your blog then you will be able to easily rank your Blogging Career and will be able to make a Passive Income, so let’s see what we are looking for Ten Blog Niches or Blog Ideas

1. Sports: Cricket, IPL

Types of blogs that make money in India

You may be surprised to know that the number of Sport bloggers is very low in today’s time and this does not have to tell you how much cricket is preferred in India.
So if you make your blog in Sports, especially on Cricket and IPL, you will definitely be able to earn very good money.

2. Health & Fitness:


If you have to make a career in blogging and have a Passive Income, then choose Health & Fitness but yes you should have knowledge about it.
You know that people are ready to spend any amount of money for their health, just think if you give information related to Health & Fitness on your blog, and if the other benefits of Health & Fitness posting will be diminished then Let’s earn you millions of rupees per month.
In India, today too many bloggers on Health & Fitness are Yes Bloggers but Out of India
If you have information related to Health & Fitness then Definitely start your blog on it and pay a great amount of money for the Google AdSense Health & Fitness blog.

3. Jobs


I see blogging on Jobs & Career is best because you can easily write a post on this, you know how difficult it is to get jobs in today’s time, especially in India if you want jobs in your blog & Career offers information such as Online Part Time Jobs, Part Time Jobs College Students will get a great traffic on your blog.

People in today’s time are very worried about jobs, as you will see, after reading, you are not looking for people’s jobs, then you can tell them through your blog whether it is about different types of jobs Whether it is Part Time Jobs or Full Time

If you want to know how much search is done on the Internet about Jobs & Career, then you can use Google Keyword Planner and find out how much more search is done in India about Jobs & Career.

4. Technology


Technology, which is the world’s most popular Blog Niche of Blogging. Competition in Technology is very big but you can still blog on it if you are an Engineering Graduate and your mind is in Technology then you can start Definitely on your blog technology such as Computer, Internet, Mobile, and Tips & Tricks Related Blog Posts
You can take some time to blog in technology but there is one thing that gives you a very good income. So I believe that if your mind feels in technology then you can definitely start your blog on technology.

5. Dating


Dating can be a very nice Blog Niche or Blogging Topic, but you can set up your blog, you do not have to create a wedding website or blog. You only have to create a dating blog which will rank highly if you are interested in dating Then publish the blog post.

In today’s time, every youngster in India who comes to search for Dating & Relationship Tips on the Internet, you can take advantage of it. You have to help them through your blog.

6. Banking & Finance


In today’s time, very few bloggers are working in Banking & Finance in India. If you have any information related to Banking & Finance, then you can start your blog on Banking & Finance but for this, you must first consider Banking & Finance Topic I have to explore a little.

If you have knowledge in the field of Banking & Finance, then you can start your blog at Banking & Finance Niche.

7. Lifestyle


Lifestyle is a very big Blogging Idea but inside it, you will find many Sub Topics on which you start your blog, you can name some sub-Niches which you can work on Gardening, Home Decor, Interiors, Furniture, and kitchen, etc. These are some of the Lifestyle sub-niche which you will definitely rank if you work. If you have information about Lifestyle, then you can work very comfortably on this and in some cases you will be able to earn great earnings from blogging.

8. Travel


Travel is one of the best blogs that people love to travel and they always travel somewhere. If you are interested in Travel then you must definitely start your own Travel Blog and you should tell the people about your Travel Experience on it.
Tell your readers about all the details in the place where you travel to travel. If you become Stable at Travel Blog then you can earn monthly 3000 $ to 5000 $ yes but for that, you have to work hard.

9. Food


This is a topic which is never going to end. Food is something that attracts everyone on your side. If you are good, then you should create your own food blog and share it with the people on the experience.

You can find out about its search on Google Keyword Planner about how often the search is done in the month and how much of its operation is. But I would like to tell you one thing if your interest is in the food then you came to this field only if you think that I can take it for a long time if I have related knowledge of food So you definitely come in this field.

10. Beauty & Fashion

Types of blogs that make money in India

Beauty & Fashion Blog Niche is a very trending Topic to start the blog. People are always excited to know what is worn. Apart from makeup and lots of Beauty & Fashion related things, people who are excited to know.
Therefore, blogging is a great way to tell people about it.

If you start your blog on Beauty & Fashion and use Attractive Images, then it is a guarantee that you will be able to get Traffic Gain in your blog too much. So if you have information related to Beauty & Fashion, then you can make your blogging career in Beauty & Fashion.

Conclusion on Types of blogs that make money in India:

I hope you have understood this post very well. I covered types of blogs that make money in India, and I hope that you will definitely work on Blog Niche mentioned in this post and earn good money and do not forget to share it with those people who are confused about which blog should be created on their blog and made a great income.

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